Setting a Date to Null in PeopleCode

To set a date to null in PeopleCode either use the SetDefault() function (deprecated) or the SetDefault field method

Using the function:


Using the field method If you are in the current context:


Using the field method if you are not in the current context using a field object:

Local Field &fldDateExample;
/* Code to set your &fldDateExample object */

Not intuitive but it works.

There is also another way to set a date to null via PeopleCode! In some cases, using SetDefault() to blank out a field is not what we're after, as there may be a default for the field! The only other way (to my knowledge) is this:


.Value is the KEY here. Not including .Value will throw Syntax errors in App Designer when you try to assign the date field to "" and save your program.

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