FieldChange Event Does Not Fire

A FieldChange PeopleCode event may not fire on a field if the component is set to deferred processing and the page-field setting is to allow deferred processing:


This is a common problem when adding FieldChange events to radio buttons. Make sure that your field has allowed deferred processing unchecked in the page-field settings:

A good way to determine if a field is going to fire PeopleCode is to use your browser console/inspector tool to look at the field on the page at run time.

Here's the HTML source for a radio button input form field that did not fire PeopleCode:

<input type="radio" onclick="this.form.DERIVED_SR_ATND_ATTEND_CR_UPD_FLG$rad.value=this.value;
doFocus_win0(this,false,true);" value="U" tabindex="22" id="DERIVED_SR_ATND_ATTEND_CR_UPD_FLG$29$" 

Here's the same HTML source for the radio button input form field after turning off allow deferred processing:

<input type="radio" onclick="this.form.DERIVED_SR_ATND_ATTEND_CR_UPD_FLG$rad.value=this.value;
submitAction_win0(this.form,;/*ffffffff,0*/" checked="checked" value="U" tabindex="22"

The key difference here is the submitAction_win0(this.form,;. In the code that does not fire this is set to doFocus_win0(this,false,true);.

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