XML/BI Publisher Security

XML publisher reports can be configured to restrict distribution of reports to certain users or roles.

This is defined in:

  • Reporting Tools > XML Publisher > Report Definition > [open the relevant report]
  • Security (tab) will typically have a list of roles and users

Note that no roles or users means that no security applies and everyone can view the report (not that no one has access).

If you find that a report is running to success but you cannot view the output (e.g. PDF report), then it could be that you do not have one of the roles the report is distributed to (or you aren't one of the distributed users if this is hard coded). For example, the XRFWIN report shown has been modified so that it requires you to have the PeopleTools role in order to view the output. If you don't have the PeopleTools role, you won't see the output in Report Manager.

If this is the case, you can either add the role (or user) to the XML publisher report security settings or give yourself a role that the XML publisher report has already been configured to distribute to (e.g. PeopleTools for the XRFWIN report shown).

Changing security will let you see older report output that you couldn't see before. If you remove security you also won't be able to see reports you have run previously. Note that distribution security is stored for each report instance.

Here's a query that gives you report information (PS_CDM_LIST) and the distribution security (PS_CDM_AUTH):

    PS_CDM_LIST L inner join PS_CDM_AUTH A    
order by PRCSINSTANCE desc;

Another option is that if the Allow viewer ID assignment at report runtime check box is set in the XML publisher report security, you can simply add yourself into the distribution list when you run the report. To do this, when you go to run the report, click on the distribution hyper link (last column), then add yourself into the distribution list.


This is a good work around if you don't want to play with security but need to view a report as a once off.

One final workaround is to give yourself the ReportDistAdmin report distribution super user role. This will allow you to see all reports regardless of distribution security.

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