Wiki Rules

Before you contribute anything to this wiki, please mind the following rules. This wiki is moderated and any pages that don't conform to these rules will be removed. These rules are just to keep me and this wiki out of any trouble.

  • Please post your original work. Don't copy-and-paste from PeopleBooks, or customer connection or any other copyright material. If you want to paraphrase something, then by all means do so, but make sure you acknowledge the source.
  • Don't post anything off topic. If it isn't a page to do with PeopleSoft in some way it will be removed.
  • Use the forums for discussions. Use the pages for unbiassed information.
  • Access to contribute to this wiki will be given to select members. You can certainly apply to be a contributor but I reserve the right to grant/revoke your access. If you break any rules, there will be a warning, keep doing it and you're out.
  • Please make sure the article doesn't already exist first! Consider adding to an existing article if it does.
  • If you come across a page that does not conform to these rules, please flag it as objectionable.
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License