WebLogic PIA Java Home

While setting up the PIA for Oracle WebLogic, I was getting the following message (this is on Windows servers but has similar implications on Linux):

The JRE was not found in directory C:\Oracle\JRockit. (JAVA_HOME)
Please edit your environment and set the JAVA_HOME
variable to point to the root directory of your Java installation.
Press any key to continue . . .

Weird, since JAVA_HOME was set up correctly in environment variables and did not equal the value in the message shown (should be C:\Oracle\JRockit\JRE). Turns out, Weblogic reads this from the script commEnv.cmd (or commEnv.sh for Linux). Open this script and look for JAVA_HOME and adjust accordingly.

Note in my case, this script is located under the WebLogic installation directory and then common\bin.

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