Update User Password

This is a very simple Datamover script to update a user's password in PeopleSoft (PSOPRDEFN) and re-encrypt it. Useful if you can't access the PIA (e.g. during installation) but need to update user passwords.

Replace new_password with the new password and YOUR_USER_OPRID with your user's operator ID.

-- Change a user's password and re-encrypt it.
-- http://www.peoplesoftwiki.com/update-user-password
set OPERPSWD = 'new_password', ENCRYPTED = 0 
encrypt_password YOUR_USER_OPRID;

If you do not have access to another account to run data mover script. You can use the following method described below.

Logon to a different PeopleSoft database where you can login thru PIA and run the following SQL.

SELECT operpswd
FROM   psoprdefn

copy the operpaswd.

Logon to the database where your PIA logon is not working.

UPDATE psoprdefn
SET    operpswd = 'new_password',
       lastpswdchange = '1-jan-2099',
       acctlock = 0
        OR oprid = 'YOUR_USER_OPRID';

The password is reset as the same password that works in the other environment.

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