Tuxedo Message Catalog Error

I was playing around with getting the PeopleTools client (application designer, configuration manager, data mover etc) when I tried logging in through the application server and received the follow error - i've dummied values to protect the innocent :)

Could not connect to application server YOUR_PS_DB (//appserver.example.com:7000). Make sure the Tuxedo message catalogs (CMDTUX_CAT, etc.) are in C:\ORACLE\PEOPLESOFT\Tuxedo. Contact your system administrator or check the Tuxedo log for more information.

I love how they still tell you to contact your system administrator …

Anyway, this message tells you exactly what is wrong - you don't have the tuxedo folder where it is trying to find it - in this example C:\ORACLE\PEOPLESOFT. So copy the tuxedo folder including the subfolders locale and udataobj. Note if you are missing either the locale folder you will get the same message.

If you are missing the udataobj folder you will get the following message:

Could not connect to application server YOUR_PS_DB. Make sure the PeopleTools authentication server (PSAUTH) is booted

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