The Connect ID

The connect ID is a new concept in PeopleTools 8+ and was implemented to replace the need for PeopleSoft to create users in the database.

The connect ID is a valid database user that is used during two-tier (database) signon. So it applies to tools such as application designer and datamover.

If you don't have a connect ID configured in configuration manager or you have the wrong connect password then you will get an invalid access ID and password for signon error EVEN if you use a valid user name and password.


(Invalid Access ID or password for signon — see your security administrator.)

Use configuration manager to set the correct Connect ID in the Startup tab:


Note that you can't get the connect password from the configuration file easily as it is encrypted.

Bootstrap Mode

If you get the Invalid Access ID and password for signon — see your security administrator. when logging into datamover in bootstrap mode (e.g. as sysadm or sa), then it indicates a connectivity problem with your Oracle client or ODBC connection.

If you are installing PeopleTools 8.50.x on a 64 bit operating system and using ODBC (Microsoft SQL Server) there is an additional catch. You need to set up the System DSN from:

  • 64 bit: C:\windows\system32\odbcad32.exe as well as:
  • 32 bit: C:\Windows\syswow64\odbcad32.exe

If you don't set up the System DSN to your database for SQL server in the 32bit ODBC setup, you will get the error. Hard to catch as when you look at the ODBC settings you will see the 64 bit version of the application and everything looks fine!


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