Text Editors

To help with PeopleSoft development, you'll need a good text editor.

The common file types you'll need to work with include:

  • PeopleCode (*.pcode is a common file extension used)
  • SQRs and SQCs (*.sqr and *.sqc
  • COBOLs and DMS (*.cbl and *.dms

You'll also need something to view things like:

  • SQL scripts (*.sql)
  • DMS scripts (*.dms)
  • Log files (*.log)
  • TraceSQL (.tracesql)
  • Other output files

Some of the good text editors out there that support syntax highlighting for PeopleCode/SQR/COBOL include:

There are also commerical programs for working with SQRs such as:

Once you've picked a text editor, use the following links to get it set up right for working with PeopleCode/SQR/COBOL:






Crimson Editor

  • Supports SQR and COBOL syntax out of the box
  • Not aware of any syntax files for PeopleCode?
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