Signon Tracing

Signon Tracing refers to the tracing options available at the PeopleSoft signon screen.


It is particularly useful for tracing signon, however it is too cumbersome to trace a particular component or page. If you need to do that, I recommend logging in normally and then using the tracing options available from:

PeopleTools > Utilities > Debug

Once you click the signon trace link, you're given a myriad of tracing options:


Its up to you to decide what you need, but remember, with tracing, less is often more, don't get carried away. After all, you're looking for a needle in a haystack, no need to make that haystack bigger than it needs to be ;)

One other point to note - the signon tracing link can be disabled through web profile settings. However, there's a way around this. If you notice your URL when you click the hyperlink it changes and includes a trace directive:

Regular signon URL is something like this:

With tracing, the signon URL includes the trace directive:

So, regardless of whether you can see the hyperlink, you can still turn on signon tracing using the trace directive.

There are also methods to help view trace files found at Trace File Cleanup.

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