PSHttpFactory init or setCertificate fails

During IB configuration while loading gateway connectors the following error messages kept appearing:

HttpTargetConnector:PSHttpFactory init or setCertificate fails (158,99999)

A quick search on My Oracle Support or the Internet will tell you that's to do with two entries in the configuration file which you can access through the Advanced Properties Page link under PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateways [Open Gateway] > Gateway Setup Properties link.

The two entries are:


The secureFileKeystorePath needs to point to the correct location of the PeopleSoft Keystore (pskey) which for example might live under $PS_HOME/webserv/<domain./piaconfig/keystore/pskey but this will vary depending on your web server and PeopleTools version. Just make sure the path is correct.

The secureFileKeyStorePasswd has a catch to it:

  • For PeopleTools 8.5x and above, this value needs to be encrypted.
  • For PeopleTools 8.4x this value needs to be in plaintext.

To encrypt the password (only in PeopleTools 8.5x), use the password encryption utility at the bottom of the gateway properties page, and paste the encrypted value in the field.

If you are setting up integration between two systems, and one is on PeopleTools 8.5x or above and one is on PeopleTools 8.4x, then you need to make sure you have set up the file correctly:

  • The secureFileKeyStorePasswd needs to be encrypted on the gateway to the system running PeopleTools 8.5x
  • The secureFileKeyStorePasswd needs to be in plaintext the gateway to the system running PeopleTools 8.4x.

So, with such a set up, you will have a combination of encrypted and unencrypted passwords that need to match up. If you have any of this wrong, you'll get the same message above when you try to ping nodes between the two systems. That will tell you which side you have wrong.

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