PeopleSoft Usability

This article contains hints and tips regarding improving the usability of PeopleSoft.

Field Size

Certain fields just don't display all that well when you select average for the page field settings in application designer. For such fields, consider using maximum to cater for the fact that there might be data that will be cut off otherwise.

An example where this was not done is the Run control ID field in the Schedule Jobset Items page found under:
PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Schedule JobSet Definitions


This turns out to be a real pain because if you have a long run control ID as you can't be quite sure exactly what value was entered into that field!

Required Fields

If you are using PeopleCode to perform validation on a field that has to be entered by the user, then use the ShowRequiredFieldCue method in the Field Class. This will display the little asterix next to the field on the page indicating to the user that the field is required.

By replicating the default PeopleSoft behaviour, you'll add to the usability of your application. To use the method you can use a field object, or you can shortcut and use RECORD.FIELD.ShowRequiredFieldCue = True.

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