Organization Defaults by Permission List

I stumbled across this HRMS/Campus Solutions related configuration page when I was investigating an issue with changing the primary permission lists for certain users.

The navigation is:
Set Up HRMS > Foundation Tables > Organization > Org Defaults by Permission List

It allows the configuration of such things as:

  • Business Unit
  • Set ID
  • Company
  • Country
  • Regulatory Region
  • To Current
  • Currency Rate Type
  • Name Format

As well as some other settings regarding industry, industry sectory, payroll system and standard hours. Behind the scenes the key table is PS_OPR_DEF_TBL_HR which sets some user defaults based on the user's primary permission list. This is used in a lot of places for defaulting data so if you ever create a new primary permission list make sure you have configured appropriate settings for your permission list here too.

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