Here's a summary of how to migrate PeopleSoft Application Designer projects between source and target databases.

Migration Steps

Source database:

  1. Validate the source Project
  2. Compare the Project to the target environment. Ensure you have the right compare settings
  3. Check the upgrade flags for all object types and ensure they are correct (be especially wary of deletes)
  4. Copy the project to the target enviroment. Again, ensure you have the right copy settings
  5. Re-compare your project with the target enviroment and check the flags - make sure it seems everything has been copied

Target database:

  1. Validate the project. This will more than likely tell you of most migration problems.
  2. Build the project script in the target environment with the appropriate build settings.
  3. Run the build script. Track if anything fails.

The most likely causes for the build script failing are the order in whcih the objects are created (e.g. a view is being built before a record that the view uses) or there are objects missing in the target environment (either left out of the project or due to a dependency on another project).

  • Have the PeopleSoft administrator clear the web/application server cache
  • If security is being migrated, run portal security sync
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