Language And Regional Settings

There are a lot of ways to control Language and Regional Settings for PeopleSoft both in the application and the external OS. This note covers the various areas where you can change language and regional settings in PeopleSoft and in Microsoft Windows XP. Why would you want to do this? Well the number one reason is date format, in particular, US date format, which is not at all popular here in Australia.



Firefox Language Settings

In Firefox, you can set language settings through:

Firefox 2:
Tools Menu > Options > Advanced [tab] > Languages - Choose [button]

Firefox 3:
Tools Menu > Options > Content [tab] > Languages - Choose [button]

This is what the interface looks like in Firefox 3 - I have the settings set as [en-au] for English/Australia:


Note that you can also go to the Mozilla Addons site to download relevant dictionaries.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows allows you to set regional settings. These are available from:

  • Control Panel > Regional and Language Options

Changes under Regional Options tab:

  • Language
  • Location

Changes under Langugages tab > Details button > Text Services and input languages:

  • Default input language
  • Default input language in installed services

Changes under Advanced tab:

  • Language for non-unicode programs
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