Firefox Extensions

I believe extensions are what really seperates Firefox from the other browsers. This pages lists some of my favourite extensions.

By the way, don't go installing every extension you find as it can lead to bloat and make your browser slower!

Firebug Web development & debugging tool
FireCookie Addon to Firebug to view/manage cookies
GreaseMonkey Allows customisation of web pages with javascript
HTML Validator Validates HTML against W3C standards
Web Developer A number of Web Developer tools
Live HTTP Headers See the HTTP headers when you visit a site
View Cookies Shows sites cookies when you use Tools > Page Info
Download Statusbar Monitor and manage your downloads in the status bar instead of a separate window
Download Flash and Video Download videos from Flash sites such as YouTube to your PC
Hyperwords Perform a range of searches and other functions based on content on a web page.
FasterFox Performance & network tweaks for Firefox (experimental)
Security & Privacy
Secure Login Improves delivered password manager and provides additional security and features
Adblock Plus blocks advertisements on web pages.
User Interface
Colorful tabs Each tab opens in a different color.
Extended Status Bar Better status bar with page load info
Text Area Resizer Allows you to dynamically resize a text area - very handy, especially in PeopleSoft.
Minimize on Start and Close Stops you from closing Firefox when you meant to minimize!
FaviconizeTab Allows you to minimise a tab to just its favicon, saving tab space
SiteLauncher Bookmarks shortcut launcher
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