If you are a PeopleSoft developer than I hope that:

Why should you bother using Firefox or for that matter any browser other than Internet Explorer? Because people are actually using other browsers these days. The IE dominance is fading fast. Just check out these statistics if you don't believe me:

But you might argue that PeopleSoft is used internally in your organisation and everyone in your organisation uses Internet Explorer.

Fair enough, but one of the reasons why Firefox is so popular is that it supports a wide variety of extensions, one of which is Firebug which is a full featured set of web development tools for Firefox.

So what can you do with Firebug?

  • Inspect and edit HTML and CSS
  • Debug and profile JavaScript
  • Find errors
  • Explore the DOM
  • Execute JavaScript on the fly

To get you started, check out these articles on the basics of Firebug. Once you start using it, you'll quickly find why its such a useful tool.

At the end of the day, we are enterprise web developers working with PeopleSoft so its important to keep up with the tools out there.

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