Exclude PeopleSoft Authentication Token

Integration broker in PeopleTools 8.5x includes a new setting in the service configuration to exclude the PeopleSoft authentication token on outbound requests to other PeopleSoft nodes. In plain english, this means you can configure service operations so that they don't require the same user/operator to exist between two PeopleSoft systems, for example between PeopleSoft HRMS and PeopleSoft Financials.

Previously, this was a requirement, otherwise the integration would fail with a message like this:

User <username> not authorized to invoke service operation <service operation>

See Oracle Note 1295566.1 for more details about the above.

The exclude PeopleSoft authentication token setting is available from the following navigation:

PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Service Configuration > Exclude PSFT AUth Token Tab

From the screen, search for a relevant service or service operation (e.g. VENDOR_SYNC) and check the Exclude token to exclude authentication and save.


Note this is just a search page, so the item won't appear in the service operations table next time you open the page. However, you can confirm the settings have been saved by searching for all services/service operatiosn with the Exclude PSFT Auth Token flag set (check box).

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