Event Notification and Output to a Window

With the help of Real time event notification server and notifyToWindow method in PeopleSoft we can configure the output to a window and publish the notifications to a new window.

REN servers are used by PeopleSoft applications to push event notifications to users, such as reports to be printed to a separate browser window.

This article explains how to:

  • Configure the REN server
  • Assign permission to run a report ‘to window’ to the User id
  • Test the REN server configuration

Configuring the REN Server

The REN server is configured via the application server domain (through PSAdmin). Launch psadmin from %PS_HOME\appserv. Select the application server domain, the Quick configuration menu is launched. Set the Event Notification feature to Yes (option 8) as shown:


Then select option 14 to load the custom configuration.

Go to PSRENSERV section and set the options accordingly:


Once the REN server is configured on the application server domain check if it reflects on the PIA.

Pinging the REN Server is a validation that everything went okay with your setup.

Navigate to PeopleTools > REN Server Configuration > REN Server Definition to check the application server domain name, port number and Host name.


Test the server configuration from PIA by navigating to PeopleTools > REN Server Configuration > REN server Cluster. The Buffer test and Ping test should give meaningful results.


Permissions to run a report to window

Set the permissions to realtime event notification from Peopletools > Permission list > Realtime event notification permissions.

Set the access code to full access for Reporting Window object.

The user ID that is configured to start the Process Scheduler must have full access to the Reporting Window REN permission on at least one permission list. If the user ID does not have full access to the Reporting Window, then the pop-up window will stay in a status of queued


Sample PeopleCode

With a minimal code we can view the notifications and output in a window.

Using the Notifytowindow method in the PT-PRCS application package, below is a sample code written on the Portal CSS application engine program.

import PT_PRCS:API:*;
Local PT_PRCS:API:PrcsApi &api = create PT_PRCS:API:PrcsApi();
&strl_WindowMsg = &strl_WindowMsg | "<br />step 1/5:Portal Security Sync Starting. (";
&strl_WindowMsg = &strl_WindowMsg | DateTimeToLocalizedString(%Datetime, "HH:mm:ss") | ")";
&nret = &api.notifyToWindow(AEPORTALCSS_AET.PROCESS_INSTANCE, &strl_WindowMsg);

These are the results from this modification:


As you can see, the REN Server aids to publish Real-time Event Notifications to users, saving the effort of repeatedly clicking on the Refresh button in Process Monitor.

This is a guest article by Shilpa Reddy. Thanks for your contribution.

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