Browse PeopleSoft with Vimium

If you use Chrome and PeopleSoft, you might be interested in Vimium, a Chrome extension that adds Vi like keyboard shortcuts to your web browser.

For example, take the PeopleSoft home page, this is how it looks once you press "f" with Vimium:


All those yellow labels with letters are the keys to press to take you to that particular link. For example, pressing "md" takes you to PeopleTools.


From there, press "f" again to bring up the letters.
You can then press "la" to browse to the process monitor:


Press "f" again and you can press "pk" to refresh the monitor or "pc" to change the run status filter.

Probably not for everyone, but I find this extremely useful when you are repeatedly browsing to the same places (e.g. testing).

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