Becoming a Better Developer

This is a compilation of articles about becoming a better software developer.

  • Just In Time, Not Just In Case argues why you should write code when it is needed not in case it is needed. In other words, solve the problem at hand, not other future potential future issues. The reason for this is simple; code written just in case sits and rots. So why are you writing it?
  • How to be a programmer provides a comprehensive summary of all the skills you need to be a programmer (not just the technical skills) and how to develop them.
  • Math for Programmers talks about why you need to know math as a programmer and more importantly what math skills you really need.
  • Avoid being a Magpie Developer talks about avoiding the common trap that a lot of developers fall into which is going out and collecting new and shiny playthings (programming languages, tools etc).
  • Tour de Babel is Steve Yegge's rant about various programming languages.
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