Batch Get From SourceSafe

Many places use Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for version control of batch objects including SQRs, COBOLs, DMS and SQL scripts. Like most Microsoft products, SourceSafe was defined to provide a GUI to simplify version control. Unfortunately, this GUI also makes it a bit tedious to get all files from a particular folder.

The following code provides the foundations for a simple batch script to get the files from a particular SourceSafe location to whatever directory you choose.

Change the code in the configuration section to specify:

  • A target directory (where you want the files to go)
  • The SourceSafe location
  • The path to the SourceSafe executable (ss.exe) - this is the SourceSafe installation location
  • Your SourceSafe username

You may (?) need to provide authentication information - i.e., a password. Check out the SourceSafe help (command line) for more information about how to do this.

@echo off
Rem Example Script to Refresh files from a SourceSafe Location
Rem Created by Praj Basnet
Rem August 2008

Rem Configuration
set targetDir=C:\Temp
set ssSQRLocation=$/ExampleLocation/
set ssExePath="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32"
set ssUser=exampleuser

set ssuser=%ssUser%
cd /d %ssExePath%

echo Getting files from SourceSafe
echo * Target Directory = %targetDir%
echo * SourceSafe Location = %ssSQRLocation%

ss.exe workfold %ssSQRLocation% %targetDir%
ss.exe Get %ssSQRLocation% -GF -W
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