Application Designer Keyboard Shortcuts

As PeopleSoft developers we spend a lot of time in Application Designer. To speed things up and make you more efficient, it helps to learn some of the common keyboard shortcuts. This wiki article provides a list of some of these shortcuts for your reference (and I'll keep adding to this list with contributions from the PeopleSoft community)

Note many of these shortcuts involve pressing the ALT key to active the menu and the correct sequence of letters quickly.

File Commands
Save Current Definition CTRL + S
Save Current Definition As ALT + FA
Save All ALT + FL
Open a Definition CTRL + O
Find In (PeopleCode/SQL) ALT + EF
Get Properties ALT + ENTER
Tag for Upgrade ALT + EUT
Change Control
Lock Definition ALT + TCL (CTRL+L sometimes works)
Unlock Definition ALT + TCU
Validate Project ALT + TV
Compare Report ALT + TR
Copy To Database ALT + TYD
Copy to File ALT + TYF
Close Definition CTRL + F4
Switch Definitions CTRL + TAB


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